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Don’t risk losing it, Crown it!


It is the hope that most of us try our utmost to keep our smiles bright, happy and healthy. It is the nature of life though that even when you guard it with your life it can still very easily get damaged – your teeth are no different. If, for whatever reason, you have a damaged tooth then getting a dental crown may be all that is needed to protect and strengthen that tooth and stop the risk of losing it completely.

A dental crown is used to protect any damaged teeth in your mouth and prevent the tooth from any further damage that would lead to loss of the whole tooth. A tooth can be damaged for a number of reasons – decay, fracture, cavities and acid erosion, bad habits such as grinding your teeth and poor diet – and all of these problems can be solved with a dental crown.

Support, Protection and Strength

A dental crown is a simple but very powerful and versatile little piece of kit – it can provide that little extra support; protection and strength wherever it is needed. If a tooth is decayed to a point where a filling will not do the job alone then a dental crown will provide that little extra bit of support to protect it from decaying further. If your tooth is cracked or broken and in need of protection then a crown can support the tooth and keep it healthy. If your teeth have been badly damaged by grinding, poor diet or acid erosion to a crucial point where they require extra protection to survive then a crown will save the day.

Furthermore, not only are crowns useful for offering that little extra protection but they can also be used as part of a dental implant procedure to replace a missing tooth or even just for aesthetic purposes if you want to improve the overall look of your smile; although in the latter case crowns should never be the first option.

Dental crowns could be seen as the next step up from a veneer – a veneer is just a cover for any unsightly things that lie beneath but a crown is the cover with that extra layer of defence that stops the problem it is disguising from getting even worse.

The treatment procedure for a crown is fairly straightforward and your dentist chair trauma can be over in just two visits. A good dentist will make sure that your crown blends perfectly with your natural teeth and once fitted nobody will notice a difference. You can stroll down Hounslow High Street confident that nobody will know what lies beneath your pearly white smile. Even better, with a good oral hygiene routine and by taking good care of your teeth your faux pearly whites should stay strong and healthy for 10-15 years.

Sparkle Dental Boutique are here to add a little ‘sparkle’ to your smile

A dental crown is a knight in shining armour for your teeth when something goes wrong. It is strong, supportive and is guaranteed to protect your teeth from the dangers of decay if you are sure to take good care of it.

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