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Does your smile have the X Factor?


Whether you love or loath it, it can’t be denied that X Factor mania takes over Britain whenever it rolls on to the TV. It also comes to dominate the media, for controversial reasons almost as often as for the talent in recent seasons, and with image now being as essential as talent in the music industry, having a killer smile can really help out the would-be pop stars.

It’s not exactly a secret that looks are just as important as talent in the mainstream music industry and one way to compliment the singing talent of any upcoming artist is with a dazzling smile to go with their dazzling voice.

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more and more popular for people in Ealing and around the country and smile transformations are some of the most common procedures because of their remarkable effectiveness and relatively quick procedure and recovery time.

Treatments like teeth whitening and gum contouring can be done within just an hour or two depending on the level of treatment and still yield fantastic results.

Tooth Whitening

Teeth whitening is primarily available in two forms; in-surgery and at home whitening. While at home whitening is the most effective and long lasting it can also take multiple treatments to get to the whiteness you desire, spanning over a number of days and weeks, while in-surgery whitening can bring about a noticeable difference almost immediately.

While in-surgery is usually not as long lasting as home whitening the procedure is 100% safe, though at home whitening bought over the internet should be avoided and has recently seen bad press.

In-surgery uses both whitening lasers and light sensitive gel to produce the results you ask for within just a short trip to the dental surgery.

Gum Contouring

Is often used to help “gummy smiles” which is the name given for the condition when too much gum is seen covering the teeth (especially the front two teeth) when someone smiles.

Gum contouring strips away the extra gum using either a scalpel or a laser, while the procedure sounds painful, it is often a quick and painless treatment which can leave you with a much improved smile!

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