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Which brace?: Invisalign or Cosmetic Fixed Braces






Not sure which braces are best for you?

If you are considering straightening your teeth, you may find when you start your search for information for your braces options that there are a whole host of braces from metal to fixed to invisible. Confused???

It can be difficult to know what braces treatment is best for you, and it may depend on your lifestyle, your budget and also the complexity of your dental concern.

All braces treatments aim to move your teeth into the correct position safely and comfortably. So if you have crooked teeth, protruding teeth, an overbite, overjet, cross bite, your adult teeth have just not come through or your teeth have relapsed following orthodontic treatment than braces may be the best option for you.

Here we explore the differences between Invisalign clear aligners and Clear (cosmetic) fixed braces-

 – Invisalign clear aligners are removable whereas clear cosmetic braces are fixed onto your teeth.

– You have to wear Invisalign braces for 20-22 hours a day and must remove the aligners when eating or drinking (except water). As cosmetic braces are fixed to your teeth, they can only be removed by your dentist. 

-Wearing Invisalign makes it easy to keep your teeth and gums nice and healthy throughout treatment thereby avoiding gum disease and other dental problems.  

-Invisalign eliminates the need for wires and brackets and are barely visible. Cosmetic braces straighten your teeth with the help of tooth coloured brackets and wire.

-Invisalign braces are barely visible. No one need know you are wearing braces but you!  Clear ceramic braces are more noticeable than Invisalign and are the most “invisible” type of fixed bracket that is available.

-Invisalign and clear ceramic braces are both good fantastic options for someone who wants to correct their teeth discreetly. Still, there are differences between these two treatments and, depending on the complexity of your treatment and your lifestyle, one may be more appropriate than the other.

A consultation with Dr Sunita Verma can help determine what type of treatment might be best for you.

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