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Dentures from your Ealing dentist are sturdier than ever before thanks to dental implants


Implants are becoming exceptionally popular in cosmetic dentistry. Whether used for fixing a single tooth or replacing one that has fallen out, either through trauma or gum disease, implants are the treatment of choice in restorative dentistry. While implants at Sparkle Dental Boutique, Ealing are a popular way to deliver a beautiful cosmetic smile, their use as foundations for dentures is as important as ever.

Dentures and implants?

The two types of dentures commonly available are removable and fixed. To fix permanent dentures in place, dental implants are fixed into the bone of the mouth to act as foundations and anchors for the dentures which will then be fitted in place. As such, implants are not for everyone and a lack of bone quality and quantity often results in them not being a viable option. As well as this, the price of fixed implants far eclipses the cost of removable dentures.

All on Four

Those who have previously not been able to get implants due to a lack of bone structure or funds may now be able make use of a new type of implant however. The All on 4 Implant is a new implant device that has helped to make fixed dentures even more popular. A change in the angle at which the implants are placed to traditional implants makes the four implants able to support more teeth, decreasing the amount of bone structure needed for the device.

While All On 4 Implants are not the only choice, they are becoming ever more popular and are making fixed dentures the ideal choice for more and more people seeking help with lost teeth.

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