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Dental Hygiene For Smokers Near Hanwell


Dental hygiene is really important for all patients, but if you have stained or discoloured teeth, you may find seeing a dental hygienist particularly helpful. Smoking is one of the leading causes of tooth discolouration, as the chemicals present in cigarettes and cigars cause the teeth to become stained a yellow or brown shade. Many smokers choose to have dental treatment to lighten the shade of their teeth because discoloured teeth can appear unhealthy and staining may make your smile look less attractive.

Which treatments can help with staining?

Dental hygiene treatments are designed to clean the teeth and reduce the risk of oral health diseases, such as decay and gum disease. Treatments can also help to improve the aesthetic of the teeth. At Sparkle Dental Boutique, we offer the latest air abrasion techniques to clean and polish the teeth and lighten the shade of the teeth to produce a more attractive smile.

Air abrasion is a very effective treatment for removing stains from the teeth and giving the teeth a shiny, healthy glow. This treatment is not just suitable for smokers, it is also a great treatment for people who have discoloured teeth as a result of general wear and tear or drinking tea, coffee or red wine on a regular basis.

 What is air abrasion?

Air abrasion is a revolutionary treatment, which removes surface stains from the tooth enamel; the procedure uses compressed air to channel aluminium oxide powder onto the teeth. The aluminium oxide powder is blown onto the teeth using an instrument with a very fine tip. When it comes into contact with the teeth, it removes stains and gently cleans the cracks between the teeth, blowing away debris and plaque and producing an amazing sparkly finish.

Air abrasion is a painless, hassle-free treatment, which is great for your oral health, as well as the aesthetic of your teeth. The Sparkle Dental Boutique hygienists near Hanwell are friendly and approachable and they have many years of experience in treating oral health problems and producing beautiful, healthy smiles.


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