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Dental Bridges for Replacing Your Teeth for Patients Near Ealing


Dental bridges can be used to deal with these sorts of issues for patients near Ealing and throughout the UK and unlike dentures they are a permanent fixture. They are made from dental grade porcelain and will be linked to the surrounding teeth to keep them securely in place.

The process takes about two appointments. During the first a mould is taken of the mouth, which will be used to create your personalised bridge. In the interim a temporary bridge is fitted. The second appointment occurs about a week later when the custom bridge has been created. The temporary bridge is removed and the permanent bridge is securely fixed into place.

The types of dental bridge

There are three main types of dental bridge and each is used to deal with different issues and areas of the mouth. A Maryland bridge is generally used when only a singular tooth needs to be replaced. The restoration is made from dental grade porcelain and has two metal wings. These wings are then bonded onto the rear of the adjacent teeth so there is no visible link and the tooth looks completely natural.

The next type of bridge is the cantilever bridge, which is usually only used at the front of the mouth. Again this type of bridge is best suited to replacing a single tooth. The restoration is fixed to one of the adjacent teeth to keep it in place. Due to the single fixing these are only used where less stress and force is likely to be used.

The last option is known as a traditional fixed bridge. This option usually consists of at least 3 porcelain restorations and the adjacent teeth on both sides will be prepared in order to have the bridge permanently fixed to them into place. Like crowns bridges can last for an average of around ten years, provided they are properly cared for.


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