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Damon Braces are the Way Forward for Patients from Ealing Who Want Fast Teeth Straightening Results


Damon braces are a fantastic solution for teenagers’ dental problems where teeth need to be straightened or put in place. Braces used to cause a lot of pain and friction in order to move teeth, leaving teeth feeling very sensitive and it was almost impossible to eat hard foods when teeth are feeling so painful.

Teens often have issues with confidence levels and low self esteem and crooked out of place teeth can lower confidence levels even further. The pain often involved in traditional braces can make the whole experience very difficult leaving teens traumatised into adult hood, which can sometimes lead to dental phobia.

What is different about Damon braces?

Damon braces differ as they use a passive slide device so that friction is eliminated and a much lighter force is used to move teeth. Teeth are able to move around so much more freely rather than being stuck in a rigid position, so the level of comfort is much higher, which means fewer adjustments are needed during treatment. Adjustments can cause pain and also take up more time and more appointments.

Straighter teeth and a better smile

Not only do Damon braces straighten teeth in a gentler, lighter way they also help to make the face look symmetrical, giving the face balance and structure. You will be left with an attractive broad smile that will really make a difference to your face and will look like a new improved you.

If you are interested in this treatment or want to know how it works there is a great video on the Sparkle Dental boutique website that gives a 3D image of how the brace works and its unique flexibility. If you would like a consultation and more information contact a Sparkle Dental Boutique dentist today for all patients from Ealing looking for teeth straightening treatment.

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