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Creating a New Smile for Patients Near Ealing in just One Day Using All-on-4 Dental Implants


There are a number of issues that come with wearing dentures, from the inability to eat the things you want to low self-esteem and impaired speech.

If you are suffering with denture problems then the All-on-4 treatment could provide the answer you have been looking for. This revolutionary new technique allows for a full set of, upper or lower, teeth to be permanently fixed via just 4 dental implants.

What are the benefits of All-on-4 dental implants?

There are a number of benefits of the All-on-4 system such as there is no need to mess around with adhesives or powders ever again. Speech is made that much easier as the replacement teeth feel more natural due to less movement, which means you can eat whatever you like without worrying they may become loose or fall out. Permanent, non-removable teeth are fitted in just one day and self-esteem is boosted by the instantly beautiful smile and confidence that comes with a fixed set of teeth.

Because this treatment only requires 4 dental implants per arch the likelihood of requiring bone grating is greatly reduced. Prior to traditional dental implant procedures some patients have to undergo lengthy, painful bone-grafting operations in order to ensure there was adequate bone for the dental implants to be embedded into. This is generally not the case for All-on-4 dental implant patients.

The new arch of teeth is locked into place on the four dental implants that have been fitted. These prevent the arch from moving and give you the confidence to eat and speak freely. If you are struggling with your dentures it is worth asking your dentist near Ealing about the All-on-4 system. It could very well be the new lease of life you and your mouth have been waiting for.


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