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Chiswick dentists look at some of the bonfire sweets you should be aware of


With October over and Christmas on its way, it can be a very bad time of year for your teeth. It is well known that dental problems increase during this half of the year, due to the numerous holidays that often involve sugar in their celebrations. Halloween involves lots and lots of sweets and chocolate and, of course, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without selection boxes, mince pies and Christmas cake.

In between these two holidays is Bonfire night, which also has a sweet tooth of its own. Bonfire night adds a different variety of sugary treats, from treacle toffee lollipops to bonfire toffee cups.

Because Bonfire night treats such as the toffee treacle are extremely sticky and will stay on your teeth longer, they give sugar much more time to cause damage.

Excessive sugar consumption can lead to the erosion of teeth and tooth decay, so it is always advisable to take care with how much sugar you eat. Tooth erosion is caused by sugary foods creating plaque, which then lead to the erosion of the tooth enamel and eventually tooth decay. A visit to your Chiswick dentist is also advisable for some dental cleaning treatment.

A dental cleaning at your dentist is more in-depth than the one you commonly carry out at home on a daily basis. It is able to dislodge more bacteria and it is recommended that you attend your dentist to have this carried out on a regular basis. With those bonfire night sweeties on the horizon, this is more important than ever.

So remember to keep on top of your dental hygiene over this period, maintaining brushing and flossing within your daily regime.

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