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Children’s Braces For Patients Near Hanwell


Children may be born with genetic orthodontic conditions or may develop misaligned teeth as they grow and their milk teeth are replaced by permanent ones. Starting early with dental check-ups from infancy is important to ensure healthy development of a child’s teeth and oral structures.

Early intervention of childhood orthodontic conditions helps to prevent and correct bite disorders. At Sparkle Dental Boutique near Hanwell we provide choices in interceptive braces so that each child receives the proper treatment for their particular teeth straightening needs.

The need for interceptive braces

Should treatment not be received, the child may be vulnerable to bite and jaw disorders. Untreated childhood orthodontic problems may later impact the ability to speak and eat, and detract from the beauty of a healthy smile.

When untreated orthodontic conditions remain present from childhood to adulthood, the individual’s self-image and confidence may be affected. Irregular bite or malocclusion may contribute to the person’s smile or facial expressions lacking symmetry.

All these problems associated with orthodontic conditions are preventable with interceptive braces during childhood. Nowadays, there is a selection of modern braces to choose from with elegant aesthetically-pleasing design, comfortable wear, and ease in cleaning.

Child orthodontic assessment

During a child oral assessment, our orthodontist will identify if misaligned teeth or improper bite conditions are present that require treatment with interceptive braces. Children generally experience their milk teeth being replaced by permanent teeth around age seven. As both childhood and adult teeth are present, the spaces between teeth may not be enough for developing teeth and dental crowding may occur.

Our orthodontists are trained experts in diagnosing and treating children suffering from orthodontic impediments. We listen carefully to parents or guardians and children, providing choices in treatment options. To learn more about childhood interceptive braces and our flexible payment plans, get in touch today with us today.

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