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The Charities We Support

We support a number of charities and try to give back where we can.


We love elephants, so we decided to foster a four-month old baby elephant Naipoki in Nairobi, East Africa, who was orphaned when just 3 months old, and rescued from a well.

Naipoki means “something painted” in the Maa language. Naipoki is unique in that she oozes intelligence and charm, and is adored by all the other baby elephants and the keepers.

We adopted Naipoki from The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

The Seema Sharma Foundation

For many years we have been supporting The Seema Sharma Foundation.

After appearing in Channel 4’s “Slumdog Millionaire”, Dr Seema Sharma, a fellow dentist, established a new charity to help underprivileged communities in East London and India.

One project the foundation helps is the Doorstep School, where a bus equipped to be used as a classroom goes out into the community. Another is Toybank which seeks to help children express themselves and to be more in tune with their lives and circumstances through play.

Hounslow Youth Counselling Service (HYCS)

We support and regularly donate to the HYCS, an essential and free confidential service for all young people living, working or studying in the London Borough of Hounslow.

HYCS offers one-to-one counselling for young people from all sections of the community and provides a safe supportive environment and counsellors for young children to talk to about their problems.

Find out more at www.hycscounselling.co.uk.

Underprivileged Children In
Goa, India

In 2009, Team Sparkle participated in a sponsored walk, walking 18 miles over  the bridges of London, in order to raise money for a slum outside of Goa, India.

Our team raised over £3,500, for a children’s charity which helps children in the slums of Goa, with education, food, shelter and medication.

Kavita, our Boutique Manager, also spent three weeks in Goa, helping in the slum. Her activities included helping children with homework, reading and speaking in English and organising play activities.

Rain Harvesting In Bangalore, India

In 2009, we donated £2,000 for a rain harvesting project in Bangalore, India.

The donation was used to provide a whole village with guttering and tanks so that they could collect rainwater to feed livestock and to use for domestic and agricultural purposes.

The rain harvesting also helped save villagers time travelling long distances to fetch water.

Voluntary Reading Help

In 2008, Sunita and Kavita both finished their training as volunteers for Voluntary Reading Help, a national charity that helps children who struggle with their reading to develop a love of reading and learning. Sunita and Kavita read with three children in a local school in Hanwell, helping to build their confidence and reading skills.

Teaching Children In Lallsott, India

In 2007, Sunita and Kavita both spent Christmas in a remote village in Lallsott, India. Staying in a hut made of cow dung, they helped the local children learn to read and speak English.

They also spent time painting the classrooms, to make the environment more warm, welcoming and conducive to learning.

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