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CEREC Technology For Patients Near Chiswick


Wearing dentures can be uncomfortable. Loose fitting dentures can make biting and chewing difficult. The range of food that can be eaten can be limited as a result. Speech can also be affected and sometimes the gag reflex can be triggered. Inevitably self-esteem suffers. At Sparkle we have an alternative and it is called All-on-4.

New Teeth in One Day

All-on-4 is a remarkable new option for denture wearers. It has all the benefits of fixed dentures and then a few more spare. The treatment takes its name from attaching a complete arc of teeth to 4 implants. The raft of benefits include speaking naturally, not having to worry that the denture will come loose, not needing to buy any more denture adhesives or powders, and most importantly, finally getting the teeth and smile that the patient had always wanted.

How Is It Possible in One Day?

The majority of All-on-4 patients don’t require to bone grafting. With just 4 implants there is plenty of room for manoeuvre which can avoid the expensive and painful process of bone grafting. As soon as the new teeth are attached, full and complete functionality is available to the patient. In other words, everything is on the menu. A limited range of foods is a thing of the past. All-on-4 treatment saves time and is a permanent solution. There really isn’t a downside to All-on-4 Same-Day Teeth. Quite literally a new smile in a day with the added bonus of instant functionality, the freedom of normal teeth and the freedom from dentures. All-on-4 Same-Day Teeth can put the happiness back into your smile. Contact the team at Sparkle Dental Boutique near Chiswick for more information.






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