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Celebrity weddings and cosmetic dentistry


In recent years cosmetic dental treatments have become incredibly popular and more and more people are choosing to have treatment to enhance their smile. Cosmetic treatments have become more widely available and more affordable than ever before and there is huge interest in the services thanks to celebrity endorsements.

Countless celebrities have undergone dental treatment to give them a glossy, healthy smile and this has inspired millions of people all around the world to follow suit.

A healthy, attractive smile often tops the list in surveys and pools to identify attractive physical features and most of us look for a nice smile in our future partners; it is no surprise that people are spending more money on their smile than ever before.

Celebrity weddings

Most people in Kew, if they are honest, have an interest in the lives of celebrities and celebrity wedding photos are often eagerly anticipated by fans of celebrity culture and glossy magazines. Often, magazines pay millions of pounds to have exclusive access to celebrity weddings and high profile marriages shift millions of copies of magazines.

It is natural for everyone to want to look their best on their wedding day and this relates to celebrities as well as ‘normal’ people. Many celebrities have had treatment to give them an A-list smile; Cheryl Cole and her Girls Aloud band-mates are big fans of treatment, Katie Price had veneers to give her a perfect set of pearly whites before her wedding to Peter Andre and it is rumoured that Kate Middleton visited a dentist before she married Prince William at Westminster Abbey.

The eyes of the world are constantly on celebrities and they are often scrutinised for not looking their best;. We’ve all seen the ‘hoop of horror’ articles and the make-up free images which are designed to make so-called normal people feel better about the way they look. The constant pressure to look good has undoubtedly encouraged lots of celebrities to have treatment and looking good is particularly important on your wedding day; everyone wants to look back on their wedding photos and be happy with the way they look and a great looking smile will always help.

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