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Celebrating Canada Day near Hanwell without Ruining Your Teeth with Sugary Maple Syrup


July 1st marks Canada Day, a celebration of the country’s self-governance and as good excuse as any to eat maple syrup drenched pancakes. However, good tooth care must be practised at all time when eating such sugar laden foods, to ensure that next Canada Day you have the teeth you need to smile in celebration.

Top oral care tips


Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes, and always make sure to clean the biting edge, the outside of the tooth and the inside of the tooth. Cleaning the gums is also recommended, but you must use gentle circular brush strokes and a soft toothbrush to do this.


Flossing is an often overlooked oral care technique, but it can be incredibly important for the health of your teeth. Flossing gets in between the teeth, to areas that cannot be reached using a toothbrush. The floss helps to remove any food debris and dental plaque that becomes trapped and could potentially lead to dental decay and tooth loss. Flossing also helps to clean the gums between the teeth.


Mouthwash is the final aspect of a good oral hygiene routine for patients near Hanwell and can provide long-lasting protection from bacteria and fresh breath. Choose a mouthwash that is alcohol free and contains fluoride to ensure fresh breath and plaque free smiles.

Oral care tips for eating

The foods we eat can cause numerous dental problems, but there are ways of combating the problem of acidic or sugary foods.

Eat cheese!

The acid from foods can cause long lasting damage to the dental enamel, which cannot be repaired. However, eating a square of cheese after a meal, or after eating an acidic snack like an orange can neutralise this acid and prevent acid erosion.

Water, water everywhere

Water dilutes the level of acids in the mouth and promotes the production of salvia, which will help to prevent tooth decay.

Sugar and spice

When eating a sugary snack try to have it around mealtimes, as this will expose the teeth to just one acid attack rather than two.


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