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Cawl for Good Oral Health in Chiswick on Saint David’s Day


St David is considered the patron saint of Wales, and St David’s Day is celebrated as a Welsh feast, usually around the 1st of March, when St David is thought to have died. A founding patron of the Celtic monastic community based at Glyn Rhosin, St David signifies the Welsh resistance to the Anglo-Saxon Normans. Those in opposition to such Welsh nationalism sometimes launch counter-celebrations on the day. Celebrations, such as St David’s Day, can be used to raise awareness about good oral and overall health, particularly in places like Wales, where the risk of oral infection and disease is higher among children.

Celebrating St David’s Day

If you wish to celebrate St David’s Day, you can do so through wearing a daffodil or a leek, and by performing Celtic poetry and song. Typical clothing to wear on St David’s Day includes a woollen skirt and shawl and a white top. Some wear a Welsh hat too, which resembles a black pilgrim or top hat and many fly the flag of St David from windows and roof tops. Another way to celebrate St David’s Day is by eating good food!

Cawl promotes Good Oral Health

A favourite food to celebrate St David’s Day is Cawl, a soupy broth made of cubed meat (any) and vegetables like leeks, celery, onion, turnip, parsnip, swede, carrots and potatoes. The meal can be served with cheese and bread if you fancy too.

Cawl is healthy balanced food full of antioxidants that raise the body’s immunity, preventing oral and physical diseases from setting in. Antioxidants also help prevent tooth decay and infection. Not only is such a nutritious diet healthy for the body, but it also improves mental well-being and is known to positively change a person’s outlook when persevering through ill health and challenges.

A report in October 2011 indicated that children in Wales are at high risk of tooth decay. Oral health can be improved and tooth decay prevented through:

  • Balanced nutrition, such as health meals like Cawl.
  • Brushing and flossing teeth daily.
  • Regular visits to the dentist or mobile dental units for check-ups.
  • Water fluoridation.

Sparkle Dental Boutique, serving patients from Chiswick, wishes you a happy St David’s Day.

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