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Root canal treatment

Dealing With Infected Nerves For Patients Near Chiswick


When not only the tooth, but also the nerve of the tooth becomes infected, there is only one solution left and that is root canal treatment. What is root canal treatment? Root canal treatment, also called endodontic therapy, is a.

Good Nutrition Month-Root Canal Treatment Advice For Patients Near Brentford


November is good nutrition month and a healthy diet will help protect healthy teeth. Whilst minimising foods that contain sugar and starch, and limiting snacks between brushing, are all important, so is a healthy diet. Good nutrition will build strong.

Treating Nasty Infections Effectively For Patients Near Hanwell


It is not always easy to notice an infection in a tooth. Some symptoms may become noticeable if left untreated, but ideally a patient will want to know about an infection early enough to prevent severe damage that could result.

Patients Near Chiswick Can Treat Tooth Infections With Root Canal Therapy


What is a root canal? Each of our teeth is composed of the visible part above the gum, the nerves and other ‘pulp’ which is in the middle of the tooth, and the root underneath the gum. The nerves in.

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