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Can You Ever Be Too Old For Braces Treatment From Your Brentford Dentist?


It is a common opinion amongst dental patients within the United Kingdom that braces are a treatment specifically designed for children and younger people. However, despite these misconceptions, braces are a superb method of treating various dental problems whatever your age.

Naturally, there is an upper limit to what age a person is able to get braces, however, this is far, far older than many people initially think and practically all of the adult population are able to benefit from what braces have to offer. It is therefore best to check with your dentist to see which options would work best for you.

Adult braces in Brentford are becoming increasingly more commonplace and are used to correct a number of dental problems, meaning that adult patients no longer have to carry on believing that they have ‘missed the boat’ by not having braces when they were younger.

Among the common dental complaints that adult braces can help fix are:

  • jaw alignment problems
  • crooked teeth
  • overcrowding of teeth
  • bite problems (e.g. overbites and underbites)

One of the most common misunderstandings made about braces for adults is the actual range available, with most people believing that train tracks are the only option. Often, people can be put off by the idea of getting braces fitted as an adult, as they believe they will have to endure ‘a mouthful of metal’. However, thanks to advances within modern dentistry there are plenty of options available for patients, which are much more subtle and discreet. This includes treatments such as ‘Six Months Smiles’ and other barely visible, tooth-coloured treatments. There are also ‘lingual’ braces which fit on the back of teeth, enabling them to remain virtually hidden.

Whatever your concern about braces as an adult the best policy is to contact your dentist, as more often than not they will be able to find a treatment that can be perfectly customised to your needs.

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