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Bye, Bye Mercury Fillings


Dr Sunita Verma from Sparkle Dental Boutique, Brentford says `For many years dentists have been using mercury amalgams as fillings for cavities. Now there is much more concern about the health issues surrounding the use of mercury.’

Mercury is a poison and it is widely reported that mercury can cause brain damage, kidney malfunction, memory loss and depression. The amount of mercury released from fillings and the cumulative effect of this over time on the body is not fully known.

Sunita goes on to say `New technological advancements in dentistry allow us to do white, tooth coloured fillings. White fillings integrate with the tooth, making it more natural looking and we use these fillings to restore decay, to replace unsightly old amalgam fillings as well to make cosmetic improvements to a smile’.

Before Image of Old Discoloured Fillings:


After Image of Teeth Restored with White Fillings (Smile Transformations by Dr Sunita Verma)


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