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Brits Lag Behind Rest of Europe on National Kissing Day



It’s official – the Brits aren’t kissing enough. The latest survey from online magazine reveals that a staggering 95% of young women believe they aren’t getting enough when it comes to kissing.

This isn’t surprising considering that nearly a third (29%) of women polled claim that they don’t even manage to pucker up once on an average day. National Kissing Day (6 July) could be the perfect opportunity for Brits to join the lucky lot who claim they kiss up to 10 times a day (19%).

What’s more nearly a quarter of women (24%) have experienced a kissing drought and gone for over a year without so much as a hint of a kiss. The average period of non-lip action is three to six months for nearly a third (30%) of women. The forecast is not so bad for a fifth (21%) of women who don’t go any longer than a month without a kiss.

The good news is, what we lack in quantity, we definitely make up in quality. In the league of best and worst kissers, the Brits sweep the board with nearly half (42%) of the vote for great kissing. The Italians – the Casanovas of Europe come in second with 15%, closely followed by the French with 13%.

When it comes to kissing etiquette, there are some things you just shouldn’t do. Well over a third (35%) of women voted bad breath as the worst offender. Slobbering all over your partner is a passion killer for a third (31%) of women and nearly a fifth (18%) are put off kissing someone who smokes.

Sunita Verma, Sparkle Dental Boutique, Hounslow says `National Kissing Day is a great way to show affection and we should all pucker up more often – not just for National Kissing day.’

If you are concerned about discoloured teeth or bad breath for the big day, then don’t forget to visit your dentist and hygienist.

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