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Bridge the tooth gap


Dental bridges can be used to replace one or more missing teeth, not just for cosmetic reasons, but to improve your oral health too.

Not many people would be happy to carry on with an ugly gap in their smile after losing a tooth or teeth, which is where dental bridges come in. Bridges are false teeth which are anchored onto the teeth either side of the gap to hold them in place. The false teeth themselves can be made of pretty much anything – no doubt you’ve seen rappers with their gold or diamond false teeth? Most commonly, us non-celebrities will have our false teeth made of porcelain to match the shade of our remaining natural teeth.

Replacing missing teeth isn’t just a cosmetic consideration, though being able to smile without worrying about ugly gaps is an important reason for the procedure. On a more serious note, gaps in your teeth, whether caused by tooth decay or an accident, can affect your speech, the likelihood of developing gum disease and even the shape of your face. The gap can cause the teeth on either side to “lean” into the empty space which will actually alter the shape of your jaw and mouth area. Gum disease is more common in people with untreated gaps as more food and plaque can gather in the space between the healthy teeth, causing a build-up in the bacteria that causes gingivitis. All in all, good reasons to have dental bridges put in place are to stop the gap causing you oral health problems in the future.

Fitting the bridge itself takes at least two appointments; the first to take measurements and to check what shade of white the new tooth should be, while the bridge is actually fitted during the second visit. You may need to return for more appointments if the bridge is uncomfortable or too loose, so that adjustments can be made, but once fitted you can expect your dental bridge to stay in place for 10-15 years.

You have to maintain a very strict standard of oral hygiene when you have a dental bridge, as there is more chance of food or plaque becoming lodged in some of the areas around where the false tooth has been fitted. Make sure you brush and use mouthwash every day, carefully brushing around the bridge area. You can even buy special dental floss that can loop underneath the fixed part of your dental bridge to remove any plaque that is hidden away in the areas where your toothbrush cannot reach.

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