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Orthodontics isn’t just for teenagers any more – and they’re far more discreet than the train tracks of old!

When most of us think of orthodontics and braces – the range of devices used to fix crooked smiles or close gaps between teeth – we probably picture our teenage selves with a mouth full of metal, feeling miserable and uncomfortable. But modern innovations mean that not only are orthodontic treatments less painful and more effective, but some of the most popular styles are even invisible.

Whether they’re hidden behind the teeth or coloured to match the teeth, new types of braces like Invisalign may be a bit more expensive but the extra cash is worthwhile for the patient to feel better while undergoing treatment. After all, it can be difficult to persuade teens to do anything they don’t want to do, and most are so self conscious that just the idea of braces is terrifying. Show them the new models available at your dentist and you might just get them interested.

After all, a corrected smile is not just about cosmetic improvement. Crooked teeth or gaps, if left untreated, can cause problems with speech or eating as the situation deteriorates. In fact, more and more adults are starting to ask about braces; perhaps they too were frightened to have the treatment when they were young or they have now saved enough cash to have the new, innovative braces available at the surgery. Either way, it’s never too late to have corrective treatment on your teeth, especially if the crooked smile or gaps are causing you discomfort or even putting your oral health at risk.

The developments in orthodontics in recent years have been amazing. Not only are new braces less obtrusive, but they also work faster and more efficiently. Many styles are also removable, so you can pop them out while eating or if you have a big party to attend. Make sure you follow the instructions though, or all that hard work in the dentist’s chair will be for nothing.

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