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Bonding can fix up your teeth


Smarten up the appearance of discoloured or damaged teeth with cosmetic bonding to help you smile with confidence.

Cosmetic bonding is a useful technique if you only have one or two teeth that are discoloured or damaged. After all, the rest of your teeth might be fine, meaning that treatment with veneers would be a bit over the top! Bonding involves fixing material to the front of the tooth to cover up any unsightly stains, blemishes or even to repair any imperfections.

The material used is quite malleable, and is made from a resin that hardens once applied. So even though the dentist is able to bend and shape the bonding while they are applying it to your teeth, it is actually pretty strong stuff and will be indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth – especially once your dentist has matched up the colour of the material with the teeth around it! It’s not quite like picking out house paint from colour charts, but the bonding material is available in lots of different shades of “tooth” so you will be able to find a colour that matches your own very closely.

Obviously, this smaller-scale treatment is cheaper than having a whole set of porcelain veneers made up, which is why people who only have one stained or damaged tooth might prefer to use bonding. Even having one tooth that you don’t like the look of can be enough to affect your confidence and stop you from smiling with confidence, which is why procedures like this are becoming more and more popular.

And having the treatment carried out couldn’t be simpler. Unlike lots of other, more complex cosmetic dentistry treatments you only need to go to the dentist once for the material to be applied – though you have to make sure to keep on attending your regular check-ups too. Although the resin does harden so it is tough enough to stand daily wear and tear, it isn’t as strong as porcelain veneers, so you are likely to have to replace them more often. You still have to work hard to keep your mouth clean, with daily brushing and mouthwash, as the resin can be stained by tea, coffee, red wine and smoking, just like your natural teeth.

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If you have a damaged tooth that you would like covered up with cosmetic bonding, then consult your local dentist in the Hounslow area to see of the procedure is suitable for you.

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