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I would like to An award winning Dental Practice in Ealing


What are the importance of dental loupes?


During dental treatments, dentists need a high level of concentration and this can be very exhausting, especially on the eyes. Reduced vision and insufficient lighting can result in high levels of fatigue and can compromise working posture. The dental loupes.

Did you know you can see a hygienist without seeing a dentist?


As of May 2013, General Dental Council permits patients to directly access the services of dental hygienists. Previously, hygienists had to work on the prescription of a dentist. This means that hygienists can now carry out their full scope of.

Why do we take dental X-rays?


Dental radiographs are an essential diagnostic tool which allows dentist to detect dental problems before they turn into serious concerns. Although physical examination lets you find noticeable signs of issues but not oral diseases are visible to the naked eye..

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a smile!


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and that means it’s time to start thinking of gift ideas that she’ll love. In the UK, it will be celebrated on Sunday, 11th of March.  Instead of giving traditional gifts such as.

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