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Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2013

Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2013

Restorative Case Single Arch – Winner

The Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2013 is the UK’s most prestigious aesthetic dentistry event which acknowledges the dentists who create UK’s best smiles.

As a previous winner (under the old name of “The Smile Awards”) Dr Sunita Verma has consistently demonstrated high levels of clinical excellence.

Under the category of Restorative Case Single Arch, Sunita had to showcase her clinical skills using indirect restorative treatments, porcelain crowns in this case, to create the perfect winning smile.

Dr Sunita Verma said:

This is the second time that I’ve won an award under this category, I’m thrilled. It was a challenging transformation as the patient had severe acid erosion, which had caused a lot of wear to her teeth. Using teeth whitening and porcelain crowns on her upper teeth I was able to restore Arwinder’s smile.

Read more about Arwinder’s experience at Sparkle

Below is the winning smile before and after treatment.

Smile Makeover Before 13
Smile Makeover After 13

Teeth worn down by acid erosion were restored using 10 porcelain crowns, resulting in an award winning smile!

Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2013

Best Whitening – Highly Recommended

Teeth bleaching is one of the simplest and most effective ways of improving a patient’s smile.

Under the category of Best Whitening, Dr Sunita Verma was highly recommended for a case that was less than straight forward because of heavy staining.

Dr Sunita Verma said:

For some patients, I need to employ a number of different teeth whitening techniques in order to get the best results and a brighter whiter smile.

Below is the Highly Recommended smile before and after treatment.

Porcelain Veneer Before 38
Porcelain Veneer After 38

Using a combination of Zoom Teeth Whitening and Home Whitening procedures, this patients smile was transformed quickly, safely and effectively.

Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2013

Finalist Best Aesthetic Practice South

Under this category the practice, its look and feel, the team and how they work together and the patient experience were all taken into consideration.

Dr Sunita Verma said:

Never one to stand still, as a team we are always looking at ways that we can improve our services and excel in patient care. It’s great to be acknowledged and considered amongst our peers as being one of the best dental practices in London.

Below are some photos from the event.


Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2013

Finalist Patients Smile

Under this category, Adelphine (a patient) nominated Dr Sunita Verma for the improvements that had been made to her smile and life as a result of her dental treatment.

Adelphine said:

Since getting my teeth done, I have lost 3 stone, begun training in public relations, which was a lifelong dream, brought my dream car, and redecorated my strictly girls only flat. I have begun speaking my mind and I’ve tailored my existence to reflect more authentically who I am and what I really want. These changes all started when I decided to improve my smile

Below is Adelphine’s before and after smile.

Finalist Patients Smile Before
Finalist Patients Smile After

A combination of porcelain veneers and a bridge were used to transform the patients teeth on the upper jaw, resulting in a beautiful, balanced smile.

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