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The Smile Awards 2010

The Smile Awards 2010

Restorative Smile

The Smile Awards are the only dental awards in the UK to reward clinical excellence in cosmetic dentistry.

Dr Sunita Verma was selected as a finalist in the Restorative Smile category at the Smile Awards 2010. This category recognises excellence in using cosmetic treatments to create the perfect smile.

Dr Sunita Verma said:

This case was particularly challenging, as the gap between the upper teeth was extremely large, but with the correct application of porcelain veneers I was able to transform Jennifer’s smile.

Jennifer said:

The finished product? Well my pictures and attention from admirers, friends and colleagues speaks volumes. People stop me all the time now and tell me what a wonderful smile I have. I smile inside and out and but never let on about the work I have had. I can honestly say that because I smile more, my whole life is more harmonious.

Below is the winning smile before and after treatment.


Porcelain Veneer Before 38
Porcelain Veneer After 38

Porcelain veneers tranformed this patient's smile in a few visits, disguising the unsightly gaps.

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