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Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2013

Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2013

Restorative Case Single Arch – Winner

The Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2013 is the UK’s most prestigious aesthetic dentistry event which acknowledges the dentists who create UK’s best smiles.

As a previous winner (under the old name of “The Smile Awards”) Dr Sunita Verma has consistently demonstrated high levels of clinical excellence.

Under the category of Restorative Case Single Arch, Sunita had to showcase her clinical skills using indirect restorative treatments, porcelain crowns in this case, to create the perfect winning smile.

Dr Sunita Verma said:

This is the second time that I’ve won an award under this category, I’m thrilled. It was a challenging transformation as the patient had severe acid erosion, which had caused a lot of wear to her teeth. Using teeth whitening and porcelain crowns on her upper teeth I was able to restore Arwinder’s smile.

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Below is the winning smile before and after treatment.

Smile Makeover Before 13
Smile Makeover After 13

Teeth worn down by acid erosion were restored using 10 porcelain crowns, resulting in an award winning smile!

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