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Are you looking after your child’s smile?


It may seem a little neurotic to think about taking your child to the dentist the minute their milk teeth come through.

However, the fact is that from the minute your child’s teeth show they are susceptible to all the little nasties that yours are and so your child’s dental health should be taken seriously from the start.

Children’s dental health in the UK is actually amongst the best in Europe but it is still the case that only 6 in 10 children start school with a perfectly healthy mouth. For 4 in 10 children problems such as tooth decay or acid erosion have already taken effect by the age of 5. Young children cannot be held responsible however for the state of their oral health; it is up to parents to make sure that their child’s teeth are kept healthy.

Keeping a Small Smile Mighty

The first thing to do is to get your child interested in brushing right from the start. As soon as their first milk tooth comes through you should start to clean their teeth. Starting as you intend to go on will mean that your child gets into a routine that they will continue for life. As your child grows you should start to teach them the art of effective brushing but not until the age of 7 should you leave the kids to it when they’re brushing their teeth – be sure they are doing it correctly.

As with brushing, trips to the dentist should start as early as possible. Take your child along with you for your check-up and they’ll get used to the surroundings and will not fret when it’s their turn to climb into the dentist chair. The dentist will also have an informal look around your child’s mouth while you’re there and will be able to keep a check on any early problems.

A final thought is your child’s best friend: sugar! Keeping the kids sugar free is impossible but being clever with the sugar allowance will go a long way in keeping tooth decay at bay. Try to keep sugary foods confined to meal times and finish meals with alkaline foods such as cheese or milk to neutralise the acid left behind. The less time sugar is left to linger, the less damage it can do.

Sparkle Dental are here to add a little ‘sparkle’ to your smile

When your child’s teeth are shiny and new it may seem unimportant to take oral health seriously but your child’s teeth are just as susceptible to oral problems as yours. Starting early will keep their smile brighter than the lights of the Hanwell and not only this but young minds follow good example and a good example set by you will ensure your child learns to take oral health seriously.

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