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Are You A Nervous Dental Patient?


Before we go any further, please let us say one thing. It’s okay to be a nervous dental patient.

At Sparkle Dental Boutique, we receive many nervous patients and we understand you may have your own reasons. Nobody at our practice is here to judge and there’s no need to feel embarrassed.

We want to ensure that you receive the best treatment in a way that is comfortable to you. Your dental care is our top priority and our team is on hand to help at all times.

Signs That You’re a Nervous Dental Patient

There could be any number of signs that you’re a nervous dental patient.

It could be that you’re struggling to sleep the night before a dental appointment. Maybe you’re hit with anxiety the second you walk into a dental practice.

For some people, there are more powerful emotions. Some patients feel physically ill or emotionally drained at the simple thought of the dentist. Others suffer panic attacks and feel they need to leave a practice immediately.

Don’t feel embarrassed if you have experienced any of these signs. They are not uncommon, with many patients sharing similar feelings.

Please let us know if you are experiencing, or have experienced, any of these feelings.

Reasons You May Be Nervous

Not sure why you’re nervous? That’s okay, not everybody does know.

Commonly, a lot of fear comes from pain. It can be the fear of pain related to dental work, or it could be the fear of pain that comes from injections or syringes.

Others stress about the effects of anaesthesia. It could be the side effects themselves, or just a fear of losing control while under anaesthesia.

Sometimes it can be related to personal space. A lot of people don’t like to have dental instruments placed in their mouth. For others, they simply struggle with having someone so close to them.

Talking about these fears can help our team allay your concerns. Your dental anxiety may be the result of something else. All that we ask is that you open up and help us understand your anxiety better.

Either way, our team will find ways to comfort you and make your visit more relaxing.

Your Comfort Comes First

We deal with nervous patients every day. The best way to help make your visit more pleasant is by opening up and sharing how you feel. Once our team has a better understanding of your concerns, we can help you overcome them.

We can talk you through your treatment, step-by-step, and answer any questions you have. This gives you a chance to understand what we will be doing.

If needed, we can distract you during treatment by giving you access to CDs or a movie. You can also take advantage of our relaxation services which are designed with your comfort in mind.

Patients that fear needles may benefit from the use of our “Magic Wand”, which is more comforting anaesthetic experience.

We will always go at a pace that is best for you, and won’t push you into any decisions and steps. We want you to make the most out of your visit with us. That’s why Sparkle Dental Boutique in Ealing has invested in ways to put your care and comfort first.

If you’re a nervous patient, Sparkle Dental Boutique is here to help.

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