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Are Porcelain Veneers Right for Patients in Brentwood Looking to Brighten and Straighten Their Smiles?


A great deal of the smiles in magazine photos and on your TV and film screens are in fact porcelain veneers. These micro thin layers of porcelain are gently applied to cover the teeth, hiding all traces of staining or tooth wear. Veneers are hand-made to fit exactly to your specific teeth and the porcelain is beautifully white whilst retaining transparency, so that there is a natural depth to the look of your teeth. There is a reason so many famous people get porcelain veneers, mainly because they are so discreet and give amazing results to transform your whole appearance.

So what can Porcelain veneers be used for?

There are many reasons patients from Brentwood choose to have veneers applied. If you happen to have a chipped tooth or teeth then a veneer or set of veneers can be applied in the same colour as the rest of your teeth, so that your whole mouth looks natural and more balanced.

If you have any gaps in your teeth veneers can fill out the space that the gap creates, leaving a gap free smile.

Broken teeth can also benefit from having porcelain veneers hiding any imperfections and restoring your teeth to their former glory. In the same way veneers can be used for crooked teeth, with veneers used to treat certain crooked areas, creating a perfect looking tooth, completely hiding crooked or broken areas of a smile.

What are the advantages of porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are durable, strong and long lasting, creating an excellent youthful, healthy appearance. The materials used are tested all over the world in many laboratories, guaranteeing only the best materials around, which should last anything between ten to fifteen years.

During the first appointment the teeth are shaped and a mould is taken of your teeth and temporary hand crafted veneers are fitted. This gives you the opportunity to trial run the veneers so that you get used to the look and also any problems can be addressed and changed before the permanent veneers are fitted. A week later you will have your permanent porcelain veneers fitted and you smile will be instantly transformed.

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