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And a lifetime award goes to … metal braces


Fair enough: metal braces may not look ideal but they are the superlative way to permanently fix your teeth into a Hollywood smile. In just one year metal braces could manoeuvre your teeth from a hit and run scene of ruin into a temple of crystalline perfection.

Metal braces are used to treat various flaws of the teeth and jaw, such as cross bites, overbites and crooked teeth. Having a metal brace fitted could also significantly alter the structure of your face to create a stronger, healthier and more symmetrical appearance.

Metal braces work by slowly pushing your teeth into place, and looking after them is easy provided you maintain a good oral hygiene routine i.e. brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing around the braces to stop plaque from building up. The great news is that you can still eat most foods and chew gum!

If it’s the appearance of metal braces that worries you then fear not, as there are a variety of ways to jazz them up using different colours and accessories, such as green stars to add a sprinkle of sparkle to your smile.

So if you’re in Kew and wish to straighten your teeth once and for all, then contact your local Kew dentist today for a free consultation.

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