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All-On-4 Same Day Teeth Treatment For Patients Near Hanwell


Dentures may have a fairly lengthy history to them, but, in the modern era, they certainly do not have the greatest reputation. Problems with talking, problems with chewing, the fear of slippage and even gag reflexes are common complaints often attributed to the age old denture. If you’re new to dentures, the prospect of bearing those slippery little smiles might be enough to induce a glum frown. If you’ve already suffered with conventional dentures, then you’re probably hoping for an alternative. Well, both parties may be satisfied with All-on-4 same day dental implants!

What is a ‘dental implant’?

A dental implant is a fake tooth which is attached to your jaw by means of a miniature metal rod. They can be removable, but will not come out unless so desired.

What about those ‘All-on-4’ things?

Essentially, all-on-4 dental teeth treatment allows a whole new set of teeth to be attached, in one day, via a mere 4 implants! Conventional treatments would require 6 or 10 implants in order to support a whole set of teeth. All-on-4 treatment, however, only requires 4!

What are the advantages of this?

It is speedier and less invasive than other implant treatments. Fewer appointments are necessary and your new teeth will be fitted the same day as the implants, meaning you can get on with smiling, eating, and talking without having to wait. The treatment is, in fact, so quick, that it is sometimes referred to as a ‘same day smile’! You’ll also be pleased to know that bone grafting is a rare requirement in this procedure.

How does this work?

Well we owe mathematics a big thank you here, as it is some clever angling that does the work. The two front implants, like most implants, are situated at a 90 degree angle. It is with the back implants, however, that the magic happens: By being positioned at 45 degree angles, the back implants are able to supply appropriate support for the false teeth.

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