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All on 4 at the Dentist is Providing Patients from Acton with Restored Smiles


All on 4 dental implants are different from the implants traditionally used at your dentist. Why is this? Well, as the name suggests, you can fit as many replacement teeth as you need onto just four implants. Traditionally six to ten implants are required to stabilise a dental restorative.

So why is All on 4 better?

Let’s start by talking about dentures. Dentures have evolved a lot in the past few decades, but some people may still find them uncomfortable or restrictive. All on 4 provides you with permanent teeth, which you don’t have to worry about moving around or falling out at the dinner table. You will be able to bite, eat and chew completely normally and after a while you won’t even notice the difference.

You can get a full set of functional teeth in one day. This is even better than traditional implants, which often take several visits and prolonged periods of time waiting for the mouth and gums to heal. All on 4 is available at dentists providing for patients from Acton and it could change their life in just one visit.

There is no need for bone grafting. With traditional implants there is often the need for bone grafting, because each implant (up to ten) needs a stable piece of bone to be anchored to. The All on 4 technique instead takes advantage of the natural layout of your mouth, which it does by placing two implants at the front of your mouth, where the bone is most dense, to use as a stable base. The other implants will be placed at a precise angle to the back of the mouth. This angle allows the teeth at the back of the mouth to be partially supported by the strong bone at the front of the mouth, which gives added stability and peace of mind for you.

All on 4 is less expensive than traditional implants, which is, quite simply, because fewer implants are required. The fact that there is little to no surgery needed also cuts the cost significantly.

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