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All gain no pain with Lingual STB Braces


If you have a crooked smile then it is probably a given that you dream of that poker straight smile to be proud of. At the same time it is probably a given that the thought of correcting your skewed smile with braces is one that fills you with dread and so you plod on reluctantly content with your wonky smile in a sea of perfect pearly whites.

Braces are so common that most people have a stereotypical image in their mind of what a brace is – big, bulky and completely unattractive – but what most people don’t realise is that with progress in technology the modern day brace is far from that stereotype and getting your poker straight smile may not be half as scary as you might have assumed.

Dentists have never failed to realise the aesthetic worries of an orthodontic brace for most patients and out of this issue lingual braces have emerged. These are braces that are fixed to the back of the teeth where they are invisible to other people and so all the fears of wearing braces quickly disappear.

The latest in lingual braces is the STb lingual brace and the major selling point of STb is the fact that it is effective, comfortable and invisible and also has the added benefit of a rapid treatment time whilst often being much cheaper than traditional orthodontic treatments.

Too good to be true?

STb lingual braces really are a wonder invention if you are looking for a poker straight smile without all the hassle of going through orthodontic treatment as you imagine it to be.

They fit discreetly to the back of the teeth without causing the speech problems that lingual braces are known to cause due to the disruption to the contact made between your tongue and the back of your teeth when you speak. The revolutionary brace is also specially designed to reduce friction and force applied to the teeth and so you are unlikely to experience much pain during treatment.

So, STb lingual braces are discreet, comfortable, relatively pain free and are not going to make you talk like Jonathon Ross for the next few months. Great! Believe it or not though it still gets better…

Traditional orthodontic treatment is known to take at least a year to complete; most lingual systems or aligners often take months; but these braces take a few months max to get the job done. For some patients it is a matter of weeks and the average treatment takes around 16 weeks to complete.

You’re probably starting to see that achieving your dream of that perfect smile is not nearly as far away as you thought it to be. STb braces can solve your smile woes and you will not have to go through the trauma of being the horror of Hanwell for the foreseeable future.

Sparkle Dental Boutique are here to add a little ‘sparkle’ to your smile

If you think STb braces might be your solution then speak to your dentist today about ironing out that smile the simple way.

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