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All About Interceptive Braces For Patients Near Hanwell


There are many who have used braces to correct the structure of their teeth at some point in their life. But did you know that a lot of those problems could have been fixed more easily by wearing braces at an early age?

What are interceptive braces?

Interceptive braces are braces for children that haven’t yet developed their permanent teeth. The ideal age of starting a treatment with interceptive braces is around seven, before all the permanent teeth have had a chance to appear.

However, even if the dentist detects a problem, he may not take immediate measures to correct it. Depending on the rate the new teeth are developing, some of the problems may correct themselves in time.

Among the signs that your child may display which would indicate the need of an examination are:

  • Thumb-sucking
  • Finger-sucking
  • Teeth crowding
  • Large gaps in the teeth
  • Difficulty in biting or chewing
  • Abnormal swallowing
  • Mouth breathing
  • Late or early loss of baby teeth

The benefits of early treatment

Here is a small list of benefits for children who undergo interceptive orthodontic treatment:

  • Guidance for jaw growth
  • Good oral hygiene and habits
  • Improved appearance for your child
  • Guidance to the permanent teeth into a more favourable position

The price for interceptive braces depends on the materials required for the treatment and their quality.

Interceptive orthodontics is more of a preventive treatment than the regular orthodontics. So if you have a child that is around the age of seven, make an appointment with the team at Sparkle Dental Boutique near Hanwell ,so that you can avoid problems later on. Do that even if you think that your children’s teeth are perfectly straight. There are problems that only specialists are able to identify. And remember the old saying: “It is better to prevent than to cure”.


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