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Air abrasion your troubles away




Many people get very worried when it comes to dental visits. For some it’s the infamous (but largely untrue) reputation dentists have with painful procedures – although it will always come down to what level of treatment you have needed in the past. For others it’s the tension of waiting in the waiting room. And for others still it is simply the notorious sound of “the drill”. Once this has been turned on, some patients’ imaginations are enough to fill in the blanks.

What about air abrasion?

Some dentists, however, like those in the Ealing area, now use air abrasion as an alternative to the drill (known to dentists as the “handpiece”). Air abrasion works by blasting air at exceptional speed onto the target area, removing any decay from the tooth. Because of this, it is virtually silent when compared to the noise of the handpiece drill and, as such, has become a popular choice with many patients.

Another big plus air abrasion has is to those scared of needles as it is a minimally invasive treatment. The discomfort and invasive manner of the dentist drill can be forgotten with air abrasion, though of course any treatment is going to cause some manner of uneasiness. But with an experienced dentist carrying out the procedure there is no need to worry.

Sparkle Dental Boutique are here to add a little ‘sparkle’ to your smile

Air abrasion is one of many technological advances currently making waves in the dental arena. And, if the dentist drill is a step too far for you, then you should ask your dentist about the option of air abrasion to improve your oral health.

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