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Age needn’t stop you from achieving your dream smile


Most people associate braces with teenagers but the number of adults undergoing orthodontic treatment is increasing every year. Braces are designed to create a straight, attractive smile and people of all ages are now considering orthodontic treatment.

Why is orthodontic treatment becoming popular among adults?

In the past, most adults would never have even entertained the idea of having braces, but now there is a huge range of treatments available and they have become much more sophisticated and discreet over the years. Gone are the ugly metal fixed braces, in their place a whole host of innovative new devices. Now, there are all sorts of different treatments; some can produce amazing results in just a matter of weeks, while others use invisible braces so that nobody can see that you’re wearing braces. Popular treatments include 6 Month Smiles, which can create amazing smiles in just 6 months, Invisalign, which involves a series of invisible plastic aligners and the Inman aligner, which can produce incredible results in just 16 weeks.

A discreet level of treatment

The increased range of treatments has undoubtedly encouraged more people to have treatment. Now, you can have treatment without anyone even being able to see your braces. However, the increased popularity of treatment is also a result of celebrity culture and the increased impetus on beauty and aesthetics. Nowadays, people are more concerned with their physical appearance than ever before and most people regard their smile as their most important feature. For some people, having braces can literally change their lives because they end up with a great looking smile which boosts their confidence and increases their self-esteem.

Many of us have also been influenced by celebrities. The newspapers, magazines and TV channels are constantly filled with images and pictures of stars flaunting a perfect smile and this has inspired people all over the world, from Washington to Chiswick to consider having treatment.

Sparkle Dental Boutique are here to add a little ‘sparkle’ to your smile

Orthodontic treatment is now available for people of all ages and there are so many different treatments to choose from; your dentist will advise you which treatment is best based on the look you want and your orthodontic prescription.

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