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After-care following dental treatment abroad


Many people choose to have dental treatment abroad because it is often cheaper than in the UK and waiting lists may be shorter. Some people are also forced to have treatment abroad because they develop oral health problems or suffer facial injuries while they are away travelling. When you visit a dentist in Acton or the rest of the UK for a course of treatment, you will be provided with an after-care service, which will help to monitor your progress and ensure everything is in order. When you visit a dentist abroad the after-care service may not be available.

Emergency dental care

If you require emergency dental treatment while you are abroad you will usually be able to see a dentist quickly. If the dentist can treat you in one appointment this may be the only time you see them, as they may advise you to visit your dentist in the UK when you get home. If you are travelling for a prolonged period of time you may be advised to schedule another appointment in a few weeks time to check that your treatment has been successful and make sure there are no other problems. If your dentist does offer you after-care services make sure that you get a price breakdown which includes all the costs.

Arranged dental treatment

Dental tourism is booming and more and more people are globe-trotting in order to benefit from lower prices. Dental tourism areas for European dental patients include Hungary and Romania, while Mexico and Costa Rica are popular destinations for patients in the USA and Canada, and South East Asian countries are popular with travellers from Australia and New Zealand. The major advantage of going abroad for most people is the cost. Sometimes it is cheaper to have a holiday and dental treatment than in the UK.

It is all very well travelling abroad to save money but it is important to factor in all the costs before you draw up your final budget and go ahead with the treatment. After-care may be available but this can come at an extra cost. You may be required to travel back to the country where you had treatment to receive your after-care, which will carry additional transport and accommodation costs.

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