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A rising music star admits to having cosmetic dentistry


One of the most popular dental heath treatments around, teeth whitening has been used by the stars of Hollywood for many years. Their on-screen performance is helped by their gnashers which are as white as they can possibly be. Even in the UK, this has become just as popular with secretaries, plumbers, writers and even singers with one very successful artist admitting this live on national television.

A star that exposed her life to the world

Her most recent single went to Number One in several countries which included the UK, New Zealand and France. Despite being in her early twenties, Jesse J appeared on BBC’s “Graham Norton Show” in February 2011 where she said, to the shock of the audience, that she had undergone teeth whitening treatment after her song Price Tag reached the coveted Number One spot in the UK. Jesse J was to the point when she did admit to this: “I got my teeth whitened. I really did though. You think I’m joking, I’m really not”.

Teeth whitening and what it is

This form of treatment is exactly what it says; applying product to your teeth over the course of a few minutes to longer forms of treatment which might need regular applications, teeth whitening has become one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry around and has benefitted the lives of many such as those in Brentford. There is, however, one danger of teeth whitening and that is choosing the person or company to provide you with this service.

Be careful who you ask to help you

It is highly recommended that teeth whitening treatment is carried out by registered and trained professionals as they will be able to identify potential problems. Someone who has an untrained eye in providing teeth whitening treatment might not discover if someone has deep roots which could cause unbearable pain if teeth whitening formula was applied to this area. A person who is not trained in providing teeth whitening products might not notice that a person could be at risk of digesting the strips or gel which can cause a burning sensation to the stomach and cause further problems.

Sparkle Dental Boutique are here to add a little ‘sparkle’ to your smile

If you wish to have teeth whitening treatment carried out by a dedicated and professional dental company, why not contact Sparkle Dental Boutique on 020 8567 4344 about their teeth whitening services.

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