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A Perfect Hollywood Smile For Patients Near Ealing


Looking at pictures or movies featuring some of today’s Hollywood stars, you’ll notice again and again that seemingly perfect teeth are apparently the norm. How can it be that huge film stars can achieve such dazzling, perfect smiles? However they achieve it, it seems like there’s no way for the rest of us to match such faultless pearly whites. But this isn’t the case, as you too can achieve a ‘Hollywood smile’ thanks to Sparkle Dental Boutique which can offer crowns, bridges, braces, tooth whitening and veneers in order to achieve a smile worthy of Hollywood.

What is involved in a Hollywood smile?

Veneers are very thin shells of material which fit over your teeth, in much the same way that false fingernails fit onto your nails. Porcelain is used to make the veneers for Sparkle Dental Boutique, as it is a very strong material – with proper dental care, porcelain veneers can last ten to fifteen years – and it can easily be made to appear the correct shade. Veneers are a fantastic way to achieve perfect Hollywood teeth. In other words, veneers are designed to the shade that you want your teeth to appear, and then stuck onto the surfaces of teeth. You may decide to have teeth whitening, or minor orthodontic treatment, or possible facial rejuvenation treatment. During the consultation we can look at what you want to achieve and then come up with a dental plan so we can achieve the results you are looking for. This could be a mix of cosmetic dentistry and facial fillers to give both the face and teeth a boost.

How can I get a Hollywood smile?

At Sparkle Dental Boutique near Ealing we offer an initial consultation where yourself and the Sparkle team can look at your teeth and talk about what you would like to look like at the end of the treatment. You may want to boost your looks generally to look like your movie heroes or it may be for a special occasion, either way, contact us today for more information.



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