Arwinder's Story

"I absolutely love having a smile on my face, and knowing that my teeth were not looking as good as I should like, I began limiting how much I smiled and slowly lost confidence.

Making the decision to actively do something about this was probably the hardest part. I searched online, found Sparkle and made that phone call. Instantly, I was put at ease about my concerns and invited in for a consultation.

Not being a great fan of the dentist chair, I had a number of concerns about what procedures would be required and the long term effects of any treatment that was carried out. On my first visit to Sparkle I was pleasantly surprised by the warm and inviting reception I received from all members of staff that I met that day, it felt more like I was visiting a spa retreat than a dentist.

My nerves, and worries were soon allayed in the consultation as everything was explained to me in a simple way.

I was given options for the treatment I would like to have done and also advised of both cosmetic and dental hygiene treatments that I required.

Thereafter, Sparkle made every effort to answer my queries on all issues including finances, pain I would be likely to experience, number of appointments and answered them promptly whether by telephone or email.

I always felt comfortable asking questions to any member of the team, as it seemed they all had good knowledge of the work that is carried out at Sparkle.

Once my treatments were underway, I was always looked after. I think half the fear is not knowing what is likely to happen and given that I was armed with all the information I needed, I was surprisingly at ease, even when sat in the dentist chair.

I was asked if I would recommend Sparkle to my friends and family and given I began making recommendations as soon as my treatment began, I think this is a testament to how much hard work and effort Sparkle have put into making their clients feel at ease and doing a great job. Now I have the smile I have always wanted.

I can't stop smiling! My confidence in my appearance has rocketed, and this has been noticed by everyone around me. I just can't thank the team enough!

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