The Importance Of Wearing Retainers After Orthodontic Treatment For Patients Near Brentford

Teeth straightening treatment is a gentle process strategically using orthodontic pressure to reposition teeth that have shifted out of their proper position. Modern braces systems are designed to straighten mild to severe orthodontic conditions within the shortest possible time.

Teeth that are crooked and skew, protruding or inverted, overcrowded or with gaps may be straightened for a more beautiful smile. At Sparkle Dental Boutique near Brentford we offer a range of effective teeth straightening solutions that are discrete, comfortable and hygienic.

We fully explain the teeth straightening treatment process and how specific braces systems work to align teeth back into their normal space. After initial teeth straightening treatment, the newly repositioned teeth are vulnerable to moving back out of their proper position. Retainers are the solution to maintaining newly aligned teeth in their rightful place.

Function of retainers in teeth straightening

Nowadays teeth may be realigned within three to eighteen months. Once achieved, a retainer is worn as prescribed by the orthodontist to prevent the newly aligned teeth from shifting into incorrect position or reverting to misalignment. Retainers may be worn for approximately 22 hours per day.

The retainer is necessary for malocclusion prevention and to ensure that initial teeth straightening treatment is not wasted. In very mild cases of dental misalignment, retainers may be worn as a teeth straightening solution, but generally retainers are used after treatment with a fixed or removable braces system.

Retainers of choice

Retainers are made bespoke to meet individual orthodontic needs. Removable or fixed, fitted to the lower or upper dentition, made of plastic or a blend of metal and plastic; retainers function to retain teeth in their proper position. Essix retainers are quite popular, however there are other choices in retainers. Contact us to find out more about types of retainers and how they work.



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