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White Fillings Explained For Patients Near Chiswick

White fillings have become increasingly popular over the last few years as more and more people choose to have treatment that preserves or enhances the aesthetics of their smile. The major advantage of white fillings is that they are invisible in the mouth, while metal fillings are highly visible.

Benefits of white fillings

White fillings are tooth restorations which are used to fill cavities and strengthen teeth that have holes caused by decay. Fillings make the teeth stronger and prevent further damage. They are made from composite or resin and are set hard in the cavity using an intensive light beam. This treatment is more aesthetically pleasing than metal fillings, and people often choose to have their metal fillings replaced with white fillings. Metal fillings may be recommended for holes in the back teeth, as they have to withstand more pressure when grinding and chewing food.

Strong and durable

White fillings are advantageous because they blend in with the natural teeth, and this means that you cannot see the filling at all. If you have a metal filling you will be able to see it when you open your mouth and many people are not keen on this. White fillings are strong and durable and they should last for several years if cared for properly. Some people are concerned about the safety and environmental impact of metal fillings, as there is some debate about the use of amalgam fillings. As a result it is becoming increasingly common to replace metal fillings with white fillings. If you would like to find out more about white fillings please contact us at Sparkle Dental Boutique near Chiswick.


Patients Near Brentford Find Out About Inlays and Onlays

Sometimes we need repairs to be made to our teeth, due to decay or just general wear that comes with age. Sometimes teeth can be helped by a filling, which helps strengthen the inside of the tooth; sometimes a crown is needed, which goes over the top of the tooth to protect and strengthen it.  A treatment which is, in some ways, between the two is inlays and onlays.

What are inlays and onlays?

Inlays are in some ways similar to fillings, but they sit on the bumps on the surface of the tooth (the biting part). A dental onlay is slightly larger and can cover several small bumps on the tooth. Both can be used to help strengthen and preserve damaged teeth, as well as helping them to appear more uniform, giving you a better smile. They are made from porcelain – a strong material which can be made tooth-coloured easily – a composite material, or gold, and are bonded to the surface of the tooth. Porcelain is used most commonly used because of its strength and cosmetic properties.  Once fitted, inlays and onlays do not need any special care, just regular good oral hygiene.

How are inlays and onlays fitted?

At Sparkle Dental Boutique near Brentford, inlays and onlays will be personally made in a laboratory for you, and so will need two visits. The decay will be cleaned from your tooth, and a mould taken. You will be fitted with a temporary filling while the inlay or onlay is being made. On the second visit, your tooth will be cleaned again, and the inlay or onlay cemented onto the tooth. It may then be reshaped slightly, or adjusted to fit your tooth. Once your inlay or onlay is fitted, you may feel that the tooth is slightly more sensitive than usual; this should pass, but if it persists, get in touch with your dentist again.


The safer option of white fillings at your Ealing private dentist

If you have ever had an amalgam filling then you may be aware of the associated problems. Worries concerning mercury poisoning have seen a decline in the number of practices still offering metal fillings and a subsequent rise in composite fillings. Metal fillings can expand and contract, causing the tooth to fracture, leading to further dental problems.

Metal fillings also damage the appearance of a smile, marking the teeth with black patches, visible every time you laugh. A white filling blends in with the natural colour of your teeth and also bonds with the tooth, leaving it stronger than before.

The silver filling will also over time corrode and therefore leak and this can lead to decay developing underneath the filling. Even though the new composite resin fillings cost more than the traditional amalgam fillings, it is worth it because not only is there a reduced risk of anything happening in the future, but it also leaves you with a much more natural smile.

If you currently have a metal filling a simple procedure by your Ealing dentist can replace it with a white filling, ensure better aesthetics and functionality. White fillings do cost a little bit more than amalgam, but the health benefits alone mean it is a much better option.

Bye, Bye Mercury Fillings

Dr Sunita Verma from Sparkle Dental Boutique, Brentford says `For many years dentists have been using mercury amalgams as fillings for cavities. Now there is much more concern about the health issues surrounding the use of mercury.’

Mercury is a poison and it is widely reported that mercury can cause brain damage, kidney malfunction, memory loss and depression. The amount of mercury released from fillings and the cumulative effect of this over time on the body is not fully known.

Sunita goes on to say `New technological advancements in dentistry allow us to do white, tooth coloured fillings. White fillings integrate with the tooth, making it more natural looking and we use these fillings to restore decay, to replace unsightly old amalgam fillings as well to make cosmetic improvements to a smile’.

Before Image of Old Discoloured Fillings:


After Image of Teeth Restored with White Fillings (Smile Transformations by Dr Sunita Verma)