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Braces For Youngsters At Sparkle Dental Boutique Near Acton

If your child has been told that they are not eligible for NHS orthodontic treatment or you are looking for a more discreet solution for them, we can help! At Sparkle Dental Boutique, we offer the latest orthodontic treatments on the market, including the amazing Invisalign Teen system.

What is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen is an invisible brace system, which is ideal for younger patients who are concerned about their image, as well as their smile. Invisalign Teen provides young patients with a discreet solution, which is easy to use and hassle-free.

Invisalign Teen is an aligner system; unlike traditional fixed brace treatments, patients wear a series of custom-made, removable aligners, which gradually guide the teeth into position. Each aligner is worn for two weeks and then replaced with the next aligner in the series; each aligner is slightly different to allow for tooth movement. Invisalign Teen is exactly the same as the traditional Invisalign system but it has handy features, which are specially designed for teenage patients, including colour indicators to remind patients when to change their aligners and spare aligners.

What are the advantages of Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen is an innovative treatment system, which takes the preferences and needs of teenagers into account. The aligners are comfortable, removable and above all, see-through, which means that nobody else will even notice them. This is an idea treatment for patients who are conscious of their image and eager to get the smile they want without worrying about what other people think or being awry of flashing a mouth full of braces. The Invisalign Teen system has been developed to make treatment simple and stress-free for young patients and it produces amazing results.

The only set-back is that the success of treatment depends on the commitment of the patient; it is essential to wear the aligners for at least 21 hours per day and to remove them only to drink, eat and brush your teeth. Contact the team at Sparkle Dental Boutique near Kew for more information on children’s braces treatment.


Teen Orthodontics Explained For Patients Near Hanwell

Many teenagers worry about their appearance and may lack confidence when they feel they do not look their best. Luckily, with advances in cosmetic dentistry, teenagers with crooked teeth do not have to worry about unsightly metal braces being the only option to correct problems with alignment or bite. Invisalign Teen is a new treatment that offers discretion as well as correction to dental imperfections in just 6-15 months. One less worry for self-conscious teens!

How does Invisalign Teen work?

As with regular Invisalign, specialist software can be used to scan the teeth and create a computerised image of the teeth. Discussions with the dentist can then clarify what changes will be made and images of the results can even be shown before treatment.

Invisalign trays – made of smooth, clear plastic that is virtually unnoticeable – are then crafted to fit the patient’s teeth. These trays are worn for roughly two weeks each and offer a gradual and gentle shift of the teeth, while regular checkups allow a dentist or orthodontist to make sure there are no problems. The trays can be removed for brushing, flossing and eating, allowing you to still lead a normal life.

How does Invisalign Teen differ?

Some special features have been added for teenagers who opt for Invisalign, taking into account their different lifestyles and jaw development:

  • A teenager’s life can sometimes feel chaotic, so wear-indicators are provided to remind them when they need to change their aligner. These indicators change from blue to clear to signify the allotted time is up.
  • The aligners compensate for certain teeth that may not have erupted yet, such as canines and second molars.
  • An active social life can often lead to things being misplaced or broken, so extra aligners are included to replace any that may get damaged or left behind.

Contact Sparkle Dental Boutique near Hanwell for more information about teenage orthodontic choices.


Invisalign Teen at Your Hanwell Dentist to Straighten Your Mouths

Teenagers are shy, awkward and self-conscious at the best of times, so if their Hanwell dentist tells them that they are going to have to wear a brace for the next three years, then it is clearly going to be the worst thing in the world for them.  Step forward, Invisalign Teen.  The treatment works in the same way as the standard Invisalign brace, but with some added features to make it suitable for teenagers.

The fact is that Invisalign braces are – quite conveniently – removable, which is an advantage for adult wearers. However, teens will do anything to avoid wearing braces, so it is quite possible that they won’t wear them at all or even ‘lose’ them.  Dentists cannot monitor their patients 24/7, so they have developed Invisalign Teen with ‘marker tabs,’ which gradually change colour for when they need to be replaced.  This allows both parents and dentists to keep an eye on the progress of the treatment and quickly notice if they are not wearing them. Invisalign Teen also comes with six free replacements so there is no excuse if they are misplaced or damaged.

The actual brace is discreet, so there is no lack of confidence once fitted.  The treatment time is also far quicker – on average, around 6 to 15 months – so it is far more appealing than three years of metal braces.  Much like the adult version, Invisalign Teen can treat many kinds of orthodontic problems, such as over-crowded teeth, widely-spaced teeth, overbite, crossbite and underbite.

With this treatment, teenagers no longer have to dread braces and Invisalign Teen is by far the best option for teenagers who are in need of orthodontic treatment, but do not want the inevitable embarrassment that comes with the traditional brace.

The marvels of modern technology

As Ginger & The Snaps sang about in their hit song from the sixties, growing up really is hard to do. And it seems today’s teenage generation do not have it easier than their parents did. With the different forms of technology available and no clear way into the field of work, those found in this age-group will obviously need all our help and wisdom to assist them on the rocky road which is life. For the teenagers living in Ealing, the number of questions seems to be growing all the time. Shall I stay in this affluent part of London? Should I set up my own business somewhere, such as in Portobello Road? But one question which can be answered right here and now is that the straightness of your teeth need not be crooked for longer than they should be.

How can this be possible?

This is achievable by way of the employment of braces but not the metallic ones which seemed to be commonly used on what seemed like every teenager who wanted that perfect smile which nature had denied them.

So what are Invisalign Teen braces?

A literally invisible brace, this modern piece of technology not only allows its wearer to smile with confidence as they no longer have “train track” braces. Unlike Invisalign technology which adults use, Invisalign Teen understands that your teeth are growing all the time and it adapts to its ever-changing environment and grows with you. By visiting your local dental practise in Ealing every eight to ten weeks will allow for your dentist to update you on the progress of your treatment which might not seem immediate but over the course of the six to fifteen month treatment time the noticeable improvements will be remarkable.

Sparkle Dental Boutique are here to add a little ‘sparkle’ to your smile

Invisalign Teen not only treats one form of dental ailment but several such as overly crowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, crossbite, underbite and overbite. Even if you thought your own teeth were beyond repair, by visiting your dentist about what Invisalign Teen braces can do for you will successfully answer any questions and put you on the right path of treatment.