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Hygiene Therapy For Patients Near Acton With Gum Disease

Sometimes clichés and idioms are mocked, seeming like worn out phrases crumbling under the weight of dead truths. Putting the pompous diction aside, some old phrases have stuck with us for a reason, and one of those phrases is ‘prevention is better than cure’, something doubly emphasised when used in reference to gum disease…

Gum disease

Gum disease is surprisingly common. Thankfully, the early stages of it are easily reversible. Unfortunately, the signs of it can be quite subtle. The latter stages of gum disease are pretty hard to miss, but this is mostly because its effects can be so disastrous: Bleeding gums, a spreading of the teeth and bad breath are just a few examples. Eventually, if left untreated, gum disease can cause your teeth to fall out. Thankfully, our hygienists are great at spotting the signs of gum disease and are more than capable of treating them!

What is a dental hygienist?

A dental hygienist is like a dentist who specialises in preventative therapy; that is, they try to stop the problems before they occur. They also double up as fountains of dental knowledge; true prevention happens every day when you brush your teeth and a dental hygienist can make sure you are doing everything you can to prevent problems occurring.

How does gum disease occur?

Gum disease basically starts with large build ups of plaque irritating your gums. If you don’t treat it here, then the gum disease may develop, leading to red, irritated and swollen gums which may bleed when flossing. If you still don’t catch it here, then it leads on to the nasty stuff…

What can a hygienist do to stop this?

Well, to be frank, if plaque build-up causes gum disease, then, provided you catch it early, all you need to do is remove the plaque to remove the source of the problem: Simple. There are some areas that a standard toothbrush will not reach. Thankfully, hygienists are equipped the special equipment and knowledge required to perform ‘scaling’, a special form of deep clean which can remove the troubling plaque.

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If you want to double-check the condition of your gums, or simply want to double brush up on your brushing technique, than book an appointment with one of our hygienists at Sparkle Dental Boutique near Acton.


Air Abrasion For Improved Dental Hygiene Near Ealing

Dental hygiene treatments are a great way of preventing oral health diseases, but they also help to keep your teeth looking radiant, healthy and clean. Oral hygiene treatments are designed to remove bacteria from the mouth and to clean and polish the teeth and a trip to the dental hygienist can make a massive difference on the look and feel of your teeth. A dental hygienist can achieve amazing results and you won’t believe how smooth your teeth feel and how glossy and bright they look.

Air abrasion

Air abrasion is a relatively new treatment, which polishes the teeth and removes stains to leave your smile looking beautiful and bright. Air abrasion is completely painless, there is no need for needles and injections and the results are visible instantaneously.

Staining occurs as a result of neglecting your oral hygiene, but it can also be caused by drinking coffee, red wine or tea on a regular basis and smoking.

Air abrasion uses compressed air to blow aluminium oxide into the mouth to gently remove stains and polish the surfaces of the teeth, giving you a fresh feeling and a radiant smile. When the powder hits the surfaces of the teeth, it blows the staining, producing clean, smooth pearly whites.

Air abrasion is an ideal treatment for patients who want an intensive cleaning treatment and a brighter, whiter smile; the procedure does not take long and you will be amazed at the results.

Other hygiene treatments

Our Fresh Breath Clinic is very popular; we recognise the importance of feeling confident and our hygienists work hard to ensure that our clients can smile with confidence and ease. The Fresh Breath Clinic is designed to educate patients about oral hygiene and to clean the mouth thoroughly to prevent oral diseases and ensure that the mouth is fresh and healthy.

We also offer comprehensive treatment for gum disease; we aim to promote good oral health at all times and we also provide care for patients who already have symptoms of periodontal disease. We are on hand every step of the way to offer advice and provide treatments such as scale and polish, to ease symptoms and prevent the condition from getting worse.

Our hygienists can also help with lifestyle advice and oral hygiene tips. For more information on our hygiene treatments please contact the team at Sparkle Dental Boutique near Ealing.





Dentists in Chiswick examine the relationship between alcohol and oral health

With the festive season fast approaching you may be looking forward to indulging in lots of food and drink, but it is worth considering the potential implications of drinking a large amount of alcohol. Most people like a drink now and again and that’s fine, but drinking in excess can contribute to health problems, as well as making you feel miserable, sick and unwell the next day.

How does drinking affect your oral health?

It may seem strange to link alcohol to oral health but there is a lot of media attention concerning mouth cancer at the moment – Mouth Cancer Action Month is a means to highlight the risk of alcohol and how it can lead to oral cancer. If you drink and smoke then you are up to 30 times more likely to develop mouth cancer. The number of cases has doubled in the last decade alone and more and more young people are being diagnosed with the disease.

Preventing oral health problems: hygiene therapy

If you are planning to let your hair down this festive season, Chiswick dentists recommend you moderate your alcohol intake and take steps to keep your teeth and gums healthy. A visit to the hygienist may be beneficial, especially if you have indulged in lots of sweet treats. Your hygienist will be able to clean your teeth thoroughly and give them a radiant glow.

Cleaning your teeth twice a day, using mouthwash and dental floss will also help to keep oral health diseases at bay. Hygiene therapy is painless and nothing to be worried about and you will feel the difference immediately.

If drinking a lot of red wine has left your teeth stained, why not arrange to see your hygienist for a deep clean or have treatment like air abrasion? Air abrasion is used to remove heavy staining and involves using compressed air to blow aluminium oxide powder onto the teeth. The treatment will leave your teeth looking bright and feeling smooth.

Dental hygiene therapy

Dentists urge people to improve their dental hygiene

Visiting your dentist once every 6 months as recommended is very important but that dreaded moment when your dentist says you need some treatment can often be avoided simply by improving you dental hygiene at home.

To maintain good dental hygiene, dental products need to be used. The market in this area is huge and it can be confusing when trying to find which product is best, especially when the ‘best’ product can vary from person to person. For example, sensitive teeth toothpaste would typically contain more potassium chloride than standard toothpaste, which in turn may have more fluoride than other toothpastes, such as children’s.

It’s recommended that we should all brush our teeth at least twice a day, as well as regularly use mouthwash and floss. But, when and for how long? Ideally when you brush in the morning you should do so before you eat or about an hour after eating. This is because some foods, especially those containing acid such as citrus fruits, can temporarily weaken the enamel of your teeth, making brushing more damaging than helpful. Brushing too hard or for too long can also wear down enamel, especially when using smokers’ or whitening toothpaste, which is generally harder than traditional toothpaste.

If you feel your dental hygiene isn’t up to scratch or that you struggle to maintain good dental hygiene, professional dental hygienists are now not uncommon at dental surgeries and practices. A dental hygienist works with the dental team, focussing on cleaning, scaling, root planing, and applying dental sealant. The treatment has a much more thorough result than one you would achieve at home and, as well as this, your hygienist will often give you advice on how to improve dental hygiene within your own home to prevent any further dental damages.

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