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Ultimate Smile Makeover to Help you Land that Perfect Job

As anyone who has had an important job interview will know, only two things are for certain going into it: you’re going to be nervous, and the first impression is the most important thing. What better way to get off to a good start than with a confident and dazzling smile?

There are many ways that cosmetic dentistry can help alter and change your smile to how you want it, but not all of these can be done at short notice and the best way to dramatically alter your smile to be a job-winning smile is to have treatment such as teeth whitening or dental veneers.

Tooth Whitening

The process of whitening teeth can come in a number of ways, all of which have good and bad points. Here is a brief description of each:


In-surgery whitening is done at the dental surgery, usually with a whitening laser. This will normally require a single visit of varying time, depending on how much of a change you want. The difference will be noticeable almost immediately, which is good if you need shiny new teeth quickly, but this does mean people that you know will realise you’ve had your teeth whitened.


Home whitening still involves a trip to the dentist; at the surgery you will be given a home whitening kit which includes whitening trays and formula to apply the whitening material. This will usually take a number of applications at home and over multiple days, but the whitening is likely to last longer and bring about a more long-term result than in-surgery whitening.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are often described as the “ultimate smile makeover” and involve placing wafer thin laminates over your natural teeth. These laminates act to both shield your teeth and enhance the aesthetics. A good explanation of veneers is to compare them to false nails for your fingernails.

Because veneers cover your original teeth they can be made perfectly shaped, as well as being shaded to the colour you want!

Cosmetic dentistry can bring about confidence for any important date, whether it’s a wedding, holiday or interview. So if you’re located in Ealing

Mastermind – Are You Ready for the Hot Seat


Dr Sunita Verma, Sparkle Dental Boutique has been asked to become an examiner for the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) accreditation process. This follows on from Sunita being the first and only woman in England to achieve accreditation.

The BACD is committed to promoting the practice of quality cosmetic dentistry, and has recently introduced credentials to allow its members to demonstrate that they have reached an agreed level of ability.

Candidates seeking accreditation will have to brave the `black chair’ as they answer questions on their specialist subject, their own previously submitted dental cases to be awarded the coveted accreditation.

Sunita from close to Ealing says “Sitting in the `black chair’ was a little daunting, as it had taken me a few years to submit and pass the 5 clinical cases that we had to anonymously submit. When these had all been passed there was a Viva examination where I answered questions from examiners about treatment methods chosen and materials that I had used.”

Sunita goes on to say “Examiners are usually drawn from BACD accredited members and so it is a great honour to have been asked to be an examiner. Although the programme Mastermind is well known for its challenging questions, intimidating setting and air of seriousness, I look forward to meeting with candidates whilst they are in the hot seat.”