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Metal Braces with A Modern Twist For Patients Near Kew

Metal braces might not sound too appealing to the majority of people. However, with ever-growing advances in technology and design, they need not be the feared treatment they are. In fact, metal braces still offer some of the best quality results in a range of orthodontic problems, so it might be worth looking into the option before dismissing it. Many happy customers will tell you that you won’t regret it!

The Latest Developments

Technology behind cosmetic dentistry is allowing braces to be smaller and smaller as the years go by, whilst still maintaining the strength and stability required to create that Hollywood smile. A refined size makes the modern metal braces less bulky on the surface of the teeth. The wires that hold the braces together can also be modified, with various colours being available. So why not customise your braces with bold colours or reduce the visibility of wires with clear translucent options?

The Benefits of Metal Braces

Though there are many options on the market for altering tooth structure, including near-invisible aligners, these will not suffice for more serious problems such as a misaligned bite or severely crooked teeth. Metal braces offer a guaranteed solution to these problems, so even the most crooked smile can eventually be the envy of all other smiles. So what’s a few months of treatment time compared to a lifetime with a picturesque smile?


If you feel metal braces may be the right option for you, consult Sparkle Dental Boutique near Kew who are happy to help and can offer this classic treatment at an affordable rate. Treatment will usually last between six and twenty four months, but that may vary depending on the severity of the problem that needs correcting.



What Treatment Can You Have For Crooked Teeth at Your Kew Dentist?

Various forms of crooked teeth are among the most common dental complaints heard of within Kew and the rest of the United Kingdom. Luckily, there are a myriad of ways in which your dentist is able to tackle the problem.

In order to assess which of these treatments is going to be best for your mouth it will be necessary to undergo an orthodontic assessment. This will help narrow down which of the treatments is right for you, as well as the best way to proceed.

Among the most popular methods of straightening teeth is with the use of braces and aligners.

Braces come in two kinds: removable and fixed. Removable braces, as you may have already guessed, can be taken out and are commonly made of plastic, with wire clips and springs in order to manipulate specific teeth. Fixed braces, on the other hand, cannot be removed from the mouth and are made with the use of small brackets fixed to the teeth using filling material, which are then joined together using wires. Nowadays there are a number of fixed brace options available to patients, which are incredibly subtle and barely noticeable.

Aligners are somewhat different to braces and are comprised of plastic moulds that fit over teeth in order to move them into position. They are usually changed for a new set every fortnight as the teeth change position and although they are removable they should be left in for at least 22 hours a day (removed only for eating/drinking/cleaning). As with braces, aligners have come a long way in style and design and can often be virtually undetectable on a person.

It is recommended that people tackle the problem of crooked teeth wherever possible, as it is proven that straight teeth are much easier to clean and are less susceptible to gum diseases and tooth decay.