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Braces Fact or Fiction

Fiction: Braces are only for kids

Fact: There is no upper age limit for orthodontics providing your teeth, bones and gums are healthy. In fact braces have become trendy with celebrities such as Tom Cruise wearing braces as an adult.

Fiction: Braces are very noticeable and `everyone can see them’

Fact: They need not be. There are several styles of very discrete braces which are suitable for some circumstances and the conventional metal braces are much smaller and very much more attractive than they used to be.

Fiction: You always need to have teeth extracted before braces

Fact: No. This may only be necessary if the teeth are very overcrowded.

Fiction: Orthodontic treatment takes years

Fact: With new technological advancements, many dental corrections can be made in as little as 12 weeks, using new removable appliances like the Inman Aligner. On average treatment time varies from 6 – 24 months. 

Fiction: Any dentist can fit braces

Fact: The majority of orthodontic treatment is carried out by those with formal postgraduate orthodontic training. An orthodontist on the General Dental Council Specialist List has undergone between 3-5 years of specialist training after qualifying as a dentist. Sparkle Dental Boutique’s orthodontist, Dr Shahla Rahman, is a Specialist.

Fiction: Braces make teeth weaker and more mobile

Fact: Quite the opposite. Successfully treated teeth are more effective at load bearing and are less likely to be ground down. Provided you take extra care of your teeth while the braces are on, your bite should be healthier after treatment. 

Fiction: After braces are removed, teeth just move back to their old position again

Fact: Minor tooth movements are normal throughout life, but if you wear retainers as instructed at the end of treatment, your teeth should remain aligned.

Visit your Hanwell dentist, Sparkle Dental Boutique to completely debunk the myths.



The new instalment in the X-men series, Wolverine is out this week!

Wolverine and his arch enemy Sabretooth both live a mutant life. With mutant powers, one of which slows their aging, they appear a lot younger than they are. Although, we may not be blessed with such mutant powers, the power of a healthy, beautiful smile can give you the confidence of any superhero!

Sunita Verma, Principal at Sparkle Dental Boutique, Hanwell says `We often see patients here who have wolverine like fang teeth. The great news is that with the new technologies and techniques that are available today, we can  correct the appearance of fang like teeth using orthodontics/braces or cosmetic dentistry or a combination of both.

Orthodontics involves the use of fixed or a removable braces to bring the teeth into the correct alignment.

For those considering a cosmetic solution, fang like teeth can be straightened by using porcelain veneers. This procedure is often called `instant orthodontics’ as the teeth are corrected within two or three visits over a few weeks.”