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Patients Near Ealing; Have A Winning Smile For The Great Christmas Pudding Race

On the 1st December, crowds of enthusiastic fundraisers dressed in elaborate costumes will descend upon Covent Garden Market. It’s the 32nd Great Christmas Pudding Race, an event which sees participants manoeuvre an idiosyncratic obstacle course, all the while struggling to hold on to a Christmas pudding. The race is a great way to raise money for Cancer Research, but it’s also an opportunity to show off your Christmas themed outfit – and no look is complete without a perfect set of teeth.

Get rid of those stains

If you’re a smoker, red wine drinker or caffeine addict, chances are your teeth are not without a few unsightly stains. Thankfully this can be easily remedied with a visit to a dental hygienist at Sparkle Dental Boutique near Ealing. For the majority of stains, all that is needed is a thorough clean to restore your teeth to their original white glow. We can get rid of plaque and tartar by using the techniques of root planning and scaling. This not only improves the appearance of teeth but is also hugely beneficial to their overall health, and that of your gums. Regular trips to a hygienist are crucial in preventing damaging (and costly) problems in the long run.

Air Abrasion

For tougher stains, you might also benefit from an innovative new technique known as air abrasion. Rather than drilling away stains and decay, the air abrasion treatment simply blows them away. We do this by directing a fine stream of aluminium oxide powder onto the teeth. The stains on your teeth, and in the gaps between them, are easily lifted away, revealing a clean, smooth, white surface underneath. Afterwards, you’ll be able to run around Covent Garden with a massive smile on your face!



Patients Near Hounslow Can Get Clean, Bright Teeth With Air Abrasion and Hygiene Services

We all know how important it is to keep our teeth clean, to avoid bad breath, tooth discolouration and more serious problems such as decay. However, even if we take good care of our teeth, cosmetic problems can occur, particularly due to tea, coffee, wine, or other food or drink habits that can particularly stain teeth. Smoking is of course another habit which can easily lead to discoloured teeth. For this reason, a visit to the dental hygienist can be helpful for many people.

Even if there are no serious cosmetic or health problems with teeth, visiting the hygienist can be a good idea to ensure that your teeth are as clean and healthy as can be – the hygienist can clean parts of your mouth that can’t be reached at home brushing your teeth, and a professional hygienist can clean far more thoroughly. Here at Sparkle Dental Boutique near Hounslow we take our patients oral health very seriously.

What treatments are available?

Air abrasion is an increasingly popular technique which helps to clean teeth and remove staining. The process works by spraying very fine particles of silica or aluminium oxide at the teeth using compressed air, and this can help to thoroughly clean teeth. The decaying particles which are removed from your teeth are then taken out of your mouth by suction. This can also ‘blow away’ surface staining on the teeth, and help your teeth to feel smoother and cleaner in your mouth.

Sparkle Dental Boutique also provides a special treatment to help combat bad breath, by using a combination of hygiene techniques and specially-made products. Another available treatment, called scaling and root planing, helps to remove build-up of plaque and tartar from the area around where the gum meets the tooth, at the tooth’s root. Cleaning this area, which is difficult to reach at home with a toothbrush, can help to stave off gum disease.

Air abrasion your troubles away



Many people get very worried when it comes to dental visits. For some it’s the infamous (but largely untrue) reputation dentists have with painful procedures – although it will always come down to what level of treatment you have needed in the past. For others it’s the tension of waiting in the waiting room. And for others still it is simply the notorious sound of “the drill”. Once this has been turned on, some patients’ imaginations are enough to fill in the blanks.

What about air abrasion?

Some dentists, however, like those in the Ealing area, now use air abrasion as an alternative to the drill (known to dentists as the “handpiece”). Air abrasion works by blasting air at exceptional speed onto the target area, removing any decay from the tooth. Because of this, it is virtually silent when compared to the noise of the handpiece drill and, as such, has become a popular choice with many patients.

Another big plus air abrasion has is to those scared of needles as it is a minimally invasive treatment. The discomfort and invasive manner of the dentist drill can be forgotten with air abrasion, though of course any treatment is going to cause some manner of uneasiness. But with an experienced dentist carrying out the procedure there is no need to worry.

Sparkle Dental Boutique are here to add a little ‘sparkle’ to your smile

Air abrasion is one of many technological advances currently making waves in the dental arena. And, if the dentist drill is a step too far for you, then you should ask your dentist about the option of air abrasion to improve your oral health.