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Six month smiles at your Ealing dentist is the sure way to a straight, dazzling smile

Six month smiles is a fast, discreet way of fixing a range of orthodontic problems. It is ideal for those who want a quick-fix solution. As the name suggests the treatment is designed to work in just six months – much quicker than traditional braces or most other forms of orthodontic treatment. The treatment can be used to help people with crowded teeth, overbite, underbite, crossbite, openbite, overjet, a misplaced midline and to close gaps. It works quickly because it focuses on moving just the teeth that are on show when you smile in a fast but safe way. It is a relatively new treatment in the UK, but has been proven to work in the US.

What are the advantages of Six month smiles?

The main advantage is obviously the speed at which these braces work. They are ideal if you want to get your teeth straightened before a special occasion such as a wedding. Most braces take two to three years to work. Six Month Smiles can cut this time down by 75%. They are also very discreet. They are made from tooth-coloured brackets and wires, which means they are only visible from close up. Furthermore, they cost around half the price of traditional braces or other types such as Invisalign.

What are the disadvantages of Six month smiles?

Six Month Smiles are not as discreet as some of the ‘invisible’ options, and can be seen if people look closely. However, for many people the cost and speed of these braces outweigh this slight disadvantage. Also, they can only help with the appearance of the front teeth, which means your back teeth will not benefit. As with all orthodontic treatments, you may experience some discomfort when the braces are first fitted, as well as some changes to your usual speech. However, these side effects are usually short-lived.

What does it involve?

First, your Ealing dentist will take x-rays and photographs to make sure the treatment will work for you. If so, the dentist will fit you with the Six month smiles braces, which are fixed to the teeth using dental glue. The braces need to be adjusted regularly once they are fitted, which means you will need to have check-ups every 4-5 weeks. After six months, the treatment should be complete, but to ensure long-lasting results you will be required to wear a removable retainer for some time after.

6 month smiles in Ealing can prepare your teeth quickly for any upcoming social event

The British Dental Journal has estimated that 75% of us need, or at least, could benefit from some orthodontic work on our teeth.  However, when it comes to teeth straightening many are put off by the length of time it takes braces to complete the work, as well as how they will look when fitted.  These worries are now a thing of the past because of a revolutionary new cosmetic dentistry treatment called Six Month Smiles.  The treatment allows you to straighten your crooked or misaligned teeth in as little as six month’s time.  So if you want a natural looking, perfect smile in time for a special event this is the right treatment for you.

The Six Month Smiles treatment available at your Ealing dentist works by focusing on the upper and lower six teeth only, which are the teeth that show when you smile. This drastically cuts down the amount of time traditional braces usually take.  The brace uses low forces to move the teeth much more rapidly, gently moving them into a straighter, correct position.  To combat the aesthetic problem of traditional fixed braces, the brackets and wires used for the Six Month Smiles treatment are tooth coloured, so are barely visible whilst you wear them.

Although they may feel slightly strange when the brace is first fitted, it is by no means painful or uncomfortable.  In fact it is much more comfortable than traditional braces, as only light forces are placed on the teeth.  Your dentist will also supply you with a retainer after the procedure to prevent the teeth from reverting back to their previous positions.

This procedure has put an end to the need for unsightly traditional braces and the long treatment times that come with them.  They are ideal for anyone looking for a relatively quick fix before a special event such as a wedding or birthday party and will leave you with straight teeth, a perfect smile and a new found confidence.