Antiobiotic Therapy for the Gums


Sunita Verma, Principal from Sparkle Dental Boutique Acton says “When our patients have periodontal (gum) disease, we use dentomycin in conjunction with root planning and scaling treatments, which lead to a marked reduction in bacteria in patients mouths. It has a positive anti-inflammatory action which allows the connective tissues to reattach back to the tooth.”

Dentomycin is a periodontal gel that effectively reduces pocket depths and bacteria levels while actively promoting periodontal healing. The gel contains an antibiotic well known for its ability to eliminate key periodontal pathogens.

The Dentomycin gel is delivered directly into the periodontal pocket. It binds to the tooth surface and is released slowly, attacking the bacteria. Clinical studies show that dentomycin treatment reduces the bacteria that cause periodontitis and reduces the depth of treated pockets. These changes indicate an improvement in gum health.

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